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In a world rapidly redefined by technology, kirbyware helps you unlock its potential. Founded by Mark Kirby, a software engineer and seasoned Information Technology leader with over 26 years of experience, we specialize in custom solutions that empower your organization. We're not just coders or strategists; we're a blend of both.

From Fortune 100 businesses to small organizations looking to establish themselves, Mark has leveraged technology to drive real-world impact. Whether it's leading major technology transformations or diving into the weeds of software engineering, his dual expertise shapes the philosophy of kirbyware. We offer you a panoramic understanding of technology's past, present, and future, matched with hands-on technical skills in today's most cutting-edge fields.

Our services range from website design and mobile app development to intricate backend systems, solution architecture, and strategic planning. Each offering is tailored to meet your unique needs, encapsulating our core ethos: marrying big-picture strategies with meticulous execution.

We're not just here to sell you technology; we're here to amplify your business, solve complex challenges, and help you capitalize on untapped opportunities.

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kirbyware can help you understand and leverage a broad range of technologies in order to craft bespoke solutions to accelerate your Business.

Website Design & Development

Develop responsive, user-centric web platforms tailored to your business objectives, optimizing user engagement across all device types.

Mobile App Development

Deploy intuitive mobile apps optimized for iOS, Android, and cross-platform use, ensuring seamless user interactions and high performance.

Backend Development & Integration

Design and integrate backend systems that automate processes, centralize data, and facilitate seamless inter-system communications.

Solution Architecture Design

Construct robust, scalable architectures focused on resilience, future adaptability, and optimized system performance.

DevOps Strategy & Implementation

Implement agile DevOps methodologies, accelerating release cycles, enhancing software quality, and optimizing development processes.

Cloud Solutions & Migration

Transition to scalable cloud infrastructures, optimizing for efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in response to business demands.

Tech Project Planning & Leadership

Guide technology projects with strategic leadership, ensuring alignment with objectives, budget adherence, and timely delivery.

Tech Strategy & Transformation

Craft and implement tech strategies that leverage the latest innovations, driving organizational growth and market positioning.

AI/ML, Analytics, & Data Engineering

Deploy data pipelines, analytic dashboards, and AI/ML algorithms to transform raw data into strategic actionable insights and automate applications

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Protect your digital assets and data, while ensuring adherence to industry regulations and standards.

Open Source Adoption

Benefit from the collective intelligence of the open-source community, manage costs, and maximize scalabiltiy

Software Testing & Quality

Improve testing methodologies and quality assurance processes to elevate product quality. Deploy advanced tools and services to enhance test execution and coverage. Evolve and mature your testing practices across engineering teams.

Content Management

Design and manage content-driven platforms with user-friendly CMS solutions, optimizing for scalability, ease of use, and seamless content updates.


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Machine Learning Intern

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